In the hours that followed NSW Premier Mike Baird's announcement on Thursday, July 7 the NSW GBOTA has undertaken a number of actions to respond and fight the announcement to close the greyhound racing industry.

We are pleased to announce that on October 11, 2016 the Premier Mike Baird reversed the greyhound ban.

Below is a library of interviews and articles undertaken and facilitated and other articles relating to the greyhounds.

18/10/2016 2GB Ray Hadley: Repealing the Greyhound ban 

17/10/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Borsak says greyhound prohibition bill should be repealed now

15/10/2016  Daily Telegraph The day after Mike Baird executed his backflip, the RSPCA declared war

14/10/2016 Australian Racing Greyhound Scott addresses objectives of the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel

13/10/2016 Weekly Times Orange, NSW, by-election Nationals and Labor to battle it out 

13/10/2016 SMH Iemma urges RSPCA to engage with greyhounds reform

13/10/2016 The Australian Morris Iemma cracks whip

12/10/2016 The Australian Mike Baird chased a lure and lost on greyhounds ban

12/10/2016 Illawarra Mercury Why Mike Baird has staked his future on the greyhounds

12/10/2016 The Daily Telegraph Baird gives industry one last chance to reform

11/10/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound racing ban reversed, Bathurst celebrates 

11/10/2016  ABC News Gosford greyhound trainers react to news of racing ban backflip

11/10/2016 2GB Ross Greenwood Greyhound racing ban reversal speaks to Luke Foley

11/10/2016 2GB Ben Fordham Chris Gulaptis on Greyhound Ban Backflip

11/10/2016 2GB The greyhound ban has officially been reversed

11/10/2016 Mike Baird: greyhounds and acrobatics: here's how you do a political backflip

11/10/2016 Business Insider I'm sorry I got it wrong

11/10/2016  SMH I got it wrong Mike Baird gives greyhound industry another chance

11/10/2016 SBS News I got it wrong Baird on dogs backflip

11/10/2016 The Guardian Mike Baird confirms backflip on greyhound racing ban in NSW

11/10/2016 SMH Mike Baird's NSW greyhound racing an backdown confirmed after Cabinet meeting

11/10/2016 ABC News Policy backdown on industry ban expected from NSW Premier Mike Baird

11/10/2016 SMH Baird's greyhounds back-down will cause voters to take a second look

10/10/2016 2GB Baird MP's ready to back down

10/10/2016 2GB Real greyhound reform

10/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird to announce reversal based on industry guarantees to end dog slaughter

10/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Leaders bolt for stupid stakes title

10/10/2016 Sports News Mike Baird set to reverse Greyhound Racing Ban

10/10/2016 9 News NSW Premier Mike Baird set to backflip on controversial greyhound racing ban

10/10/2016 ABC News Speculation Mounts NSW Premier will compromise on key parts of greyhound racing ban

8/10/2016 2GB Luke Grant - Greyhounds

7/10/2016 2GB Baird Government exposed for greyhound lies

7/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Insiders say Mike Baird seriously considering reversal, could announce before Keniry report 

7/10/2016 The Australian Mike Baird plan to back down as allies warn on greyhounds ban

7/10/2016 The Australian NSW Nationals hunt for candidate to topple Troy Grant

7/10/2016 Sky News Baird may reverse greyhound ban 

6/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Grant in battle to remain the top dog

6/10/2016 The Huffington Post Mike Baird Jumped the Shark on Greyhound Racing

5/10/2016 The Examiner Federal Nationals say greyhound ban is hurting support for the Turnbull government

5/10/2016 Canberra Times Alistair Coe says Baird went too far with greyhound racing ban

5/10/2016 SMH Comment Banning greyhound racing is part of the war on Sydneys working class

5/10/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird and Troy Grant dog paddling over really unpopular ban

5/10/2016 The Australian Labor vows to overturn greyhound ban if court action successful

4/10/2016 ABC News Attempts of taskforce head to resign should be wakeup call for Premier

4/10/2016 ABC News Rural residents warn Baird government will be punished in Orange By-election

4/10/2016 The Australian Head of Mike Baird's greyhound transition taskforce attempted to resign due to opposition to ban

4/10/2016 Sky News Greyhound ban official tried to quit, report

2/10/2016 SMH Equivalent of 10 high-rise towers for Sydney Fish Markets, say Greens

2/10/2016 Courier Mail Greyhound owners and trainers are heading north to escape Mike Baird's NSW

1/10/2016 Huffington Post Mike Baird's shine is looking grey, hounded over racing ban

30/9/2016 The Australian Mike Baird offers hope on greyhound racing ban 

29/9/2016 News Dog ban whacks NSW Premier Mike Baird's popularity 

29/9/2016 The Australian Voters united on greyhounds hasty decision by Mike Baird

29/9/2016 The Australian Mike Baird's wasted it all with a punt on the dogs

29/9/2016 The Australian Dogs ban sends Mike Baird ratings into freefall

28/9/2016 Central Western Daily Foley to take ban fight to Coonamble

28/9/2016 Moree Champion Greyhound industry in limbo

27/9/2016 Central Western Daily Pan lickers long history

27/9/2016 2GB Ray Hadley: Greyhound backflip

27/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Nationals in Revolt as Ministers ramp up pressure on Baird

27/9/2016 The Australian Nationals bolster by-elections pending as greyhound ban bites

23/9/2016 Western Advocate Greyhound ban compensation payout for dog owners

23/9/2016 SBS NSW Premier Mike Baird remains 100% behind his decision to ban greyhound racing from July 2017, despite increasing pressure to abandon the policy

23/9/2016 News NSW greyhound ban will make Government unelectable Nationals MP warns

23/9/2016 Sky News Greyhound owners to get $1500 per dog

22/9/2016  The Age Education department to approve its own pop up school

22/9/2016 Sky News NSW greyhound industry lost balloon: Joyce

22/9/2016 Daily Liberal Troy Grant says he will stay put as leader

22/9/2016 Brisbane Times Mike Baird at the crossroads over greyhounds axis of anger

22/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Mike Baird could be open to a reversal on his controversial decision

21/9/2016  Western Star Lawyers sink teeth into Baird's greyhound ban

21/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Will Baird reverse the greyhound ban

21/9/2016 The Australian Disenchanted rural heartland turns against the NSW Nationals

21/9/2016 The Australian Mike Baird's greyhound ban invalid in entirety, alliance tells Court

21/9/2016 Yass Tribune Katrina Hodgkinson MP honoured by greyhound dog race

21/9/2016 Alan  Jones - Bill Bright

 209/2016 Daily Telegraph Greyhound ban: People forced to sell everything they own, destroying their lives, says trainer Bill Bright

20/9/2016 The Advertiser Baird in big trouble as by-election looms in Orange

20/9/2016 Ten Eye Witness News Greyhound Industry takes Fight to Federal Court

20/9/2016 SBS Federal Court Challenge to greyhound ban

20/9/2012 Nine News Federal Court challenge to greyhound ban 

20/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Troy Grant said to have told colleagues he'd resign as Nationals leader if he loses Orange by-election

20/9/2012 The Australian Bairds ban on greyhounds at risk of constitutional challenge

20/9/2016 Daily Telegraph People forced to sell everything they own, destroying their lives, says trainer Bill Bright

19/9/2016 Daily Telegraph 19,000 dogs will need rehoming, leaked report reveals

19/9/2016 Sky News NSW underestimated greyhound numbers

18/9/2016 SMH Greyhound training to continue to 2022

16/9/2016 Alan Jones Full Show

16/9/2016 The Australian Baird's greyhound backflip

16/9/2016 North Queensland Register Social Licence open to political manipulation

15/9/2016 Guardian News Greyhound industry protest at Kempsey

15/9/2016 The Advertiser Nationals struggle to hold safe seat as greyhound ban bites.

14/9/2016 Herald Sun Owners and trainers hit back at claims many of them are illiterate

14/9/2016 Daily Telegraph The decision that's slowly killing the Baird government

13/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Baird Justice Department brief claims dog owners are largely illiterate

13/9/2016 2GB Public Servant calls greyhound industry illiterate 

13/9/2016 Alan Jones Luke Foley on greyhound ban

13/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Insult to Injury

13/9/2016 The Roar The blatant falsehood in the NSW Government's greyhound ads

13/9/2016 Brisbane Times Baird government used greyhound kill claims to fast track advertising blitz

13/9/2016 Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor

12/9/2016 Newcastle Herald Liberals on Notice after council vote

12/9/2016 News local Liberals feel sting of voter backlash against Baird's greyhound ban

12/9/2016 Daily Liberal The voters strike back

12/9/2016 Crookwell Gazette Baird government used greyhound kill claims to fast track advertising blitz  

11/9/2016 Illawarra Mercury Foley finds his way to Wollongong again

11/9/2016 Echo Netdaily NSW Libs suffer backlash in council votes

11/9/2016 Western Advocate Bathurst's greyhound industry hopeful ban will be overturned

10/9/2016 The Australian  As state's bank balance rises, Mike Baird's popularity plummets

9/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Sydney in Clover but Baird facing backlash

8/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Candidates battle it out for a position on Blacktown Council

8/9/2016 Namoi Valley Independent compensation needs to be much more

8/9/2016 Blayney Chronicle Greyhound ban hits Blayney business

8/9/2016 Western Advocate Facing fury of an industry facing the chop

7/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Grassroots Nationals to move against greyhound racing ban in NSW 

7/9/2016 The Daily Telegraph Luke Foley vs Troy Grant in the bye-bye elections 

6/9/2016 The Australian Troy Grant faces dissent motion for backing greyhounds ban

6/9/2016 The Advocate Racing a family tradition

5/9/2016 SMH NSW greyhound racing clubs take steps to survive Mike Baird's industry ban

4/9/2016 Chinchilla News Greyhound Racing NSW adminstrator to oversee ban 

2/9/2016 Port Macquarie News Greyhound transition taskforce visit 

2/9/2016 Daily Telegraph Baird admits 1000 jobs to go, but says compo package will be generous

1/9/2016 2GB Baird's anti-greyhoudn ads

1/9/2016 Daily Telegraph NSW Budget Estimates Premier Mike Baird talks greyhound ban



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